A Visit From the Prime Minister

John Sheehan (Oxford) Limited substructure and civil engineering projects are complemented by its sister company’s recycled sand and aggregate plant.


Following on from 2012’s successful installation of our construction and demolition waste washing facility; 2013 began with a visit from the Prime Minister.


David Cameron visited Sheehan Recycled Aggregates in Witney, Oxfordshire, on Friday 4th January 2013 where he experienced firsthand the washing of construction and demolition waste to create recycled sand and aggregates suitable for use in major road and infrastructure projects.

This coincided with today’s coalition mid-term review, in which Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg's joint foreword states: "We will set out plans for long-term investment in Britain's transport infrastructure.”


Sheehan Contractors installed a new washing plant for construction, demolition and excavation waste in early 2012 and are now supplying a wide range of recycled sand and aggregates to local construction contractors and virgin sand and aggregate producers as well as using the material on the company’s own construction contracts.


“The new processing system from CDE is the latest technology available for the processing of this material and provides an opportunity for us to move recycled sand and aggregates up the value chain” says Chris Sheehan, Managing Director at Sheehan Contractors. “This material should be seen for the valuable resource that it is and for the potential it offers to protect long term aggregate supply from a sustainable source.”


After his visit, David Cameron released the following statement:

“I was delighted to visit Sheehan’s construction and demolition waste recycling plant in my constituency on Friday 4th January 2013. The project is something that I whole heartedly support, not only will it make a positive difference to our environment but I hope that it will also help to inspire and encourage more businesses in the industry to get involved in similar projects and to really make a positive difference to our recycling practice here in the UK”.


The new recycling plant is located in the Dix Pit Industrial complex on the outskirts of Oxford and represents a multi-million pound investment by Sheehan Contractors as they expand their recycling operations. In the UK 20% of total aggregates production is currently from recycled sources representing approximately 40 million tonnes. Under the revised Waste Framework Directive EU Member States are required to recover a minimum of 70% of construction and demolition waste by 2020 and 2013 is the first year that progress towards this target will be measured.


Commenting on this initiative Tara Sheehan, Financial Controller with Sheehan Contractors said “The new targets outlined in the revised Waste Framework Directive focus the mind on existing recycling practice in the UK. While our performance as an industry to date is commendable we need to move on to the next level in terms of how we view this waste stream and maximise recovery. It is only through the deployment of advanced processing systems such as the one we invested in that we will be able to make real progress and increase awareness about the high value recycled products that can be produced.”


Sheehan Contractors plan an additional expansion with a potential site on the east side of Oxfordshire having been identified. Commenting on this Chris Sheehan said “Our future plans include the development of a new facility which would double our recycled aggregate production capacity in a strategically important location enabling us to grow market share and also play our part in diverting large volumes of C&D waste material from landfill.”


An additional benefit of the new facility is job security for the foreseeable future for the 50 employees of Sheehan Contractors. In the absence of the new plant; the longevity of the company’s recycling operation was at stake. Expansion in the form of an additional plant on the east of Oxford would ensure the ability to create further employment opportunities in the Oxfordshire area.


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